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Precision Solutions for Your Farm: Let's Tailor Your Project

Embark on a precision agriculture journey with SAIRS, where each project is uniquely crafted to suit your farm's distinctive needs. Our services cover a spectrum of offerings, from drone mapping to agro-imaging, variable rate applications, wildlife damage documentation, AI training datasets, research and field trials, data management, and more.

Drone Mapping Services: Unlocking Precision Agriculture

Our drone mapping services provide the foundation for precision agriculture. The basic packages are designed to offer essential mapping capabilities. However, the true value lies in tailoring these services to your specific requirements. Here's a simplified pricing structure for our drone mapping services:

  • Basic Package:

    • $2.00/acre within 100 km of Yorkton, SK.

    • $3.00/acre for fields over 100 km from Yorkton, SK.

  • Full Service (Including Variable Rate Prescription):

    • $4.00/acre within 100 km of Yorkton, SK.

    • $5.00/acre for fields over 100 km from Yorkton, SK.

Bespoke Solutions for Your Unique Requirements:

Beyond our basic drone mapping packages, SAIRS pricing is entirely bespoke. Each project's cost is determined by factors such as scale, complexity, and specific needs. We encourage you to connect with us for a personalized discussion to understand your goals and craft a solution that aligns with your budget.

Ready to Elevate Your Precision Agriculture Practices?

For all our services, we invite you to start a conversation. Let's discuss your project, understand your goals, and work together to develop a tailored solution that brings precision to every acre of your farm.

Contact SAIRS—Where Your Precision Agriculture Journey Begins.

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