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Drone imagery produces on demand, high resolution maps that can be analyzed and adjusted in common farm software and then uploaded to farm machinery for variable rate application.  In addition to being higher resolution than satellite imagery, drone mapping can occur during times of cloud cover when satellite imaging is not available.  SAIRS offers two levels of drone mapping service.  Both levels leverage your agronomy knowledge and experience with SAIRS experience with imagery and farm software applications.  

BASIC (flight, data processing, and viewing support):  Under the basic service plan we fly your field and post process the imagery data into a map.  You are provided with outputs in shapefile and/or geotiff format for prescription writing in your farm software.  For viewing purposes you do not require advanced software.  You will be linked to your field maps for access at any time.  We can also provide recommendations and assistance with the various open source platforms that can view the maps.    

$2.00/ acre within 100 km of Yorkton, Sk.

$3.00 / acre for fields over 100 km from Yorkton, Sk.

Basic mapping services are on a first come, first served basis.  

FULL (flight, data processing, viewing support, and variable rate prescription preparation):  The full service option contains all of the same elements as the basic option with the added service of variable rate prescription writing for your machinery.  SAIRS will work closely with you and/or your agronomist to delineate management and application zones to your satisfaction.  When you approve final zones and rates,  SAIRS will prepare an Rx for your sprayer or drill.  

$4.00/acre within 100 km of Yorkton, Sk

$5.00/acre for fields over 100 km from Yorkton, Sk.

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