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Variable Rate Applications

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Variable rate applications

Variable Rate Applications: Elevating Precision with Machinery Insight

SAIRS redefines Variable Rate Applications by seamlessly integrating data expertise with hands-on machinery operation insight. Kevin, uniquely skilled in both realms, goes beyond data processing to elevate the precision of VR mapping services.

While SAIRS doesn't typically provide machinery operation as a standalone service, Kevin's embedded farm experience allows him to bring firsthand knowledge of machinery operation into the VR mapping process. This unique perspective enhances the quality and practicality of the VR maps provided to customers.

Kevin ensures that Variable Rate maps not only meet technical standards but are also grounded in the practicalities of field operations. SAIRS offers a comprehensive Variable Rate Applications solution that reflects the symbiotic relationship between data expertise and hands-on machinery experience.

Choose SAIRS for Variable Rate Applications that benefit from a unique combination of skills, providing precision that goes beyond the data.


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Crop Injury from herbicide drift

SAIRS excels in Forensic Agrology, offering specialized, impartial, and professional documentation for agricultural disputes. Led by Kevin's two decades of experience in forensic evidence collection, this service is employed selectively and expertly when called upon.

In cases involving unintended herbicide drift or livestock damage to crops, SAIRS employs a meticulous approach. Utilizing drone mapping and detailed on-site photography, Kevin captures clear, geotagged evidence of affected and unaffected areas within fields. All ground-level images are presented in a forensic format, taken with professional-grade DSLR camera equipment.

Our work in this area stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering unbiased truth. Whether assisting with herbicide drift or documenting livestock-related crop damage, SAIRS provides expert witness reports, including NDVI and RGB maps. This documentation serves to complement the insights of qualified agrologists and producers responsible for determining the cause of crop injury.

Our Forensic Agrology service is characterized by its impartiality, professionalism, and the pursuit of truth, contributing to fair resolutions in agricultural disputes.


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Wildlife Damage Documentation: Aerial Insights for Swift Resolutions

SAIRS specializes in wildlife damage documentation, employing advanced aerial imaging to deliver crucial insights for rapid and equitable resolutions. Similar to our forensic agrology approach, SAIRS utilizes state-of-the-art drones to capture detailed aerial imagery of crop damage caused by wildlife.

Our service provides a comprehensive visual record of the extent and nature of wildlife-induced crop damage. The resulting aerial photographs are shared directly with the customer, streamlining the process for wildlife damage adjusters. This collaborative and efficient approach has proven highly successful, ensuring a swift and fair resolution process.

Appreciated by both adjusters and producers, SAIRS' wildlife damage documentation service offers a proactive and effective solution, leveraging aerial insights for timely resolutions.

Identify and quantify wildlife damage

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