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FarmVAULT™: Elevating Your Agricultural Data Experience

Introducing FarmVAULT™, SAIRS' innovative data management system designed exclusively for producers and ag businesses. While awaiting trademark status, FarmVAULT™ is already reshaping how agricultural data is organized, shared, and accessed.

Key Features:

  1. Private and Secure Database:

    • Administered exclusively by SAIRS, FarmVAULT™ provides a secure database for customers and SAIRS. Your data remains confidential, with access restricted to SAIRS and the customer, unless further sharing is desired.

  2. Robust Search and Retrieval:

    • FarmVAULT™ employs a powerful search filter that effortlessly drills through the database, allowing SAIRS and customers to quickly find and retrieve desired information.

  3. Unlimited Data Storage:

    • Enjoy unlimited data storage with no additional fees, allowing your database to grow without constraints.

  4. Seamless Collaboration:

    • SAIRS sets up FarmVAULT™ at no charge for significant customers, enhancing collaboration. Drone imagery, charts, maps, and other outputs are stored in the cloud for easy access.

  5. Flexible File Types:

    • FarmVAULT™ supports various file types with no restrictions, accommodating diverse data formats.

  6. Customer Uploads and Contributions:

    • While only SAIRS can enter data, customers can contribute using cloud-based file transfer services. Upload files and data to your shared FarmVAULT™ account, creating a seamless workflow.

Service Options:

  • Complimentary FarmVAULT™ Setup:

    • For customers with significant data needs through SAIRS, FarmVAULT™ is set up at no charge, enhancing collaboration on large projects.

  • Subscription for Independent Use:

    • Customers without direct engagement with SAIRS can opt for an independent FarmVAULT™ setup for their filing and retrieval needs, with a subscription fee.


  • Efficiency and Accessibility:

    • Streamline your data management with FarmVAULT™ for easy access and retrieval of critical information.

  • Cost-Effective and Unlimited:

    • Enjoy unlimited data storage without additional costs, allowing your database to grow organically.

  • Collaborative Insights:

    • Enhance collaboration between SAIRS and customers with shared data storage and retrieval.

  • Tailored Solutions:

    • FarmVAULT™ adapts to your workflow, accommodating various file types for efficient data management.

Explore the possibilities with FarmVAULT™—where your data is optimized for success.

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