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Big data.  Junk data. Useless data.  Too much data.
SAIRS has a down to earth, boots on the ground approach to your farm data.  Keep it simple. Keep it useful. And keep it to yourself!
In 2015 SAIRS started collecting and archiving data for the real-life task of stone picking on a medium sized Manitoba farm.  Using a simple handheld GPS during seeding and harrowing operations stones were flagged. The stone location data was then put to real-world use in the tractor cab during picking operations.  The result was a much cleaner pick with fewer hours on the stone picker. From then we’ve progressed to archiving data from most field operations. The data is now providing insight for everything on the farm from wetland mapping, to average speed travelled during any operation, to time spent in a field, to field approach locations, to field hazard locations, to weed infestation locations.  In addition to a simple GPS Kevin often uses geotagged ground imagery to supplement and add insight to GPS data. Imagery and GPS data can be mapped together in the same application.
Kevin has developed a simple windows-based filing system for easy data archiving and retrieval.  Using a multitude of free web-based softwares, he has learned how to extract and visualize valuable information out of the data that has been collected.  
You don’t have time to organize and analyze your farm data.  If you are like most, you have a pile of USB sticks with data that seems useless or overwhelming.  Or you just hit the delete button to make more room on the USB drive.
To get your data working for your farm, consult with Kevin.  He may be able to organize and manage your data for you. He may be able to extract useful information from it.  He may be able to work with you to help customize a simple data management program that will fit your farm.

Georeferenced Stone Picking

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