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Research Services

NEVER stop learning – Good Ideas can come from unlikely places.


SAIRS isn’t about to wait for development of technology that will eventually suit western Canadian farming practices. We are taking western Canadian agricultural needs directly to academia and technology. With years of research experience in forensics and expertise in forensic image enhancement and interpretation, Kevin recognized that there is a learning opportunity for detail extraction and interpretation of high resolution crop imagery. At SAIRS we are not afraid to fly or photograph a field “just because”. We have learned from experience that you never really know how valuable field imaging is until you have the imaging in hand and find yet another use for it, or yet another previously unnoticed clue in it. Following UAV flights, Kevin has ground truthed thousands of canola, cereal, and forage acres, usually documenting this operation with a high resolution DSLR camera producing geotagged images. Owing to a continuous learning approach, his skills in agricultural image interpretation continue to grow. If you have an agricultural research project in need of some advanced imaging techniques, SAIRS would love to hear from you!

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